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Since 1400….

The first documentary mention of the Helfenrainhof dates back to the year 1400. The Golser family, which came into the possession of the farm more than 400 years ago, gave it its present name. So the old surname lives on in the farm name.

Today, the Golserhof is in the twelfth generation in the family estate. Exceptional for South Tyrol is that four times the daughters have ensured the continuity of the succession.


60 years of hospitality

In 1954, Elisabeth from Köhlhof was observing the busy life at at the village in Dorf Tirol, when a young pair of architects from Munich arrived by bus and inquired about their accommodation with their suitcases in tow. The married couple quickly brought them to their daughter Hildegard and their son-in-law Ignaz on the Golserhof, where there were no guest rooms at that time. Daughter Hildegard hosted the Munich architects and took care of a sleeping place for the two. Quickly the beds were made, and Hildegard tried in the following days with much input and diligence to their first guests, who were then to love friends of the family.

More than 60 years ago, the grandparents of Hiltrud Gufler have rented the first rooms in the Golserhof to guests. At that time the Golserhof was still a traditional South Tyrolean farm. Apple orchards and vineyards as well as some cows secured the income of the family, but soon Hildegard and Ignaz Lamprecht with their daughters Maria and Hildegard recognized the potential of South Tyrol and Meran: the mild climate, the unique natural landscape, the pronounced seasons and the deep connection of the people with their homeland make the northernmost province of Italy a dream destination for holidaymakers. The first alterations were planned together with the Munich architectural couple. Although there was no money for renovations, Grandma Hildegard Prantl-Lamprecht always wanted to offer her guests a nice and comfortable holiday home and put her visions into practice. "Once, for example, the grandmother glued colorful wrapping paper, which she had bought in Merano, to the walls of the room so that the hay from the adjoining barn would not peek through the cracks," says Hiltrud Gufler. Unfortunately, Grandfather Ignaz Lamprecht left home early, so Grandma Hildegard and Aunt Maria ran the pension until the then 20-year-old Hiltrud took over the Golserhof in 1993.

Hiltrud's parents Hildegard and Hermann were hoteliers for many years and know what makes a good innkeeper: joy. This passion for the hotel business and the "Umbau gene" have been given to Hiltrud Gufler since her grandmother came from a host family and, thanks to her honest, cordial nature, developed a friendly relationship with her guests and had the courage to realize visionary dreams.

When Hiltrud's husband Patrick, himself from a hotelier family, joined the business, he brought new, fresh ideas with him. "A real stroke of luck and my personal jackpot!" says Hiltrud proudly and beams with the sun to the bet. Even Patrick is an innkeeper through and through - he loves and lives his job and wants the people who come to the Golserhof to recharge their batteries, prepare an unforgettable and happy holiday season. Already his parents have exemplified the beautiful sides of the innkeeper's existence and passed on the joy of this special profession. Hiltrud's parents take care of the apple and wine plantations around the house and their grandchildren with infinite dedication. They are proud of what the whole family has achieved.

For the past 20 years, the family has undergone extensive renovations and renovations to the 13th-century house. It has always been important to all that the charm of the old masonry is not lost, so during the construction work, they made sure to combine timeless elegance with the existing elements. The result is something to be proud of: the Golserhof impresses with its unique flair and is a source of power for its guests, a place where they can relax and be happy. With dedication, the family has always cared for the Ansitz Golserhof and with innovative ideas and the love of their profession Hiltrud & Patrick have managed together to make the former farmhouse a 4-star superior hotel - by the way, the smallest and most familiar in the Merano area.


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